Visualising Ireland's Property Price Register (with thanks to D3, crossfilter and dc.js)

The visualisations below use D3, dc.js and crossfilter to represent house sale data taken from Ireland's Property Price Register. Click and drag and watch the graphs move and then when that gets old see ....

  1. How many sales were there in 2011 and 2012?
  2. Which months are the busiest?
  3. How does Cork compare to Dublin?
  4. What happened to average house prices in Wicklow between 2010 and 2013?
  5. Are houses sold on the weekend?
  6. etc

The dataset in use here is not dynamically retrieved from the PPR website, it is taken from a static grab of all house sale data in the PPR as of Dec 13, 2013. The primary motivation here is to play around with data visualisation rather than to provide yet another PPR search tool; see this and that for interactive PPR search tools.

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Average Price (x-axis) // Number of Sales (y-axis)
Date (x-axis) // Number of Sales (y-axis)
Number of Sales Per Year
Number of Sales Per Month
Number of Sales Per Day
Raw Data Table
Date Price Address County Post Code Full Market Price? Excludes VAT?